How did I get so good at organizing…

I’ll be honest with you. I’m the kind of person that when I’m visiting friends and family I’ll likely feel compelled to start cleaning and organizing. It could be clutter, it could be doing the dishes, or just putting things away. I like to have everything in its place. Ask my family. They usually don’t mind and in fact they want me to come visit for this very reason. It’s not an obsession , it’s more that order is an important value to me.

My biggest span of work experience is in retail sales. My early jobs included working in a boutique and in an import clothing store. In both those jobs I learned how to put colors, patterns and styles together in a way that would compliment each other.  After that I worked in a store for seven years  that had many things in a small space, vitamins, body care, gifts, books, incense holders, bottles—-I learned the art of working with space, presentation and organization. It became a gift but I feel it is something that is inherent to who I am.


Hand me a project and I’ll figure out what do with it.

I can: 

make categories to make your life easier! As a professional organizer I love categories

work with you to make your kitchen and food storage more functioning

help you in your office. let’s make files & to do files and organized piles! 

de-clutter & help you get rid of things you don’t use

clean out your basement & sell things for you on online

research recycling and donation options for things you know longer need

pack and unpack moving boxes 

and much more

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