Several times in my life I have chosen housecleaning as my livelihood for its simplicity and consistent demand. I always worked for myself rather than for a company and have always had happy, satisfied clients.


Housecleaning was my first full-time business at 18 in Ithaca, N.Y for 2 years  

I did housecleaning part-time for 5 years  while working a regular job & attending massage school to supplement my income in Santa Cruz, CA

I cleaned my massage school ( Santa Cruz, CA ) several mornings a week in exchange for tuition for one year

Currently working with clients and families in Seattle, WA

Additionally my other work in management & food service contributes to my skills

My (customize-able) checklist often looks like this: 

  • vacuum floors, corners and baseboards, moving items to vacuum behind
    vacuum dust surfaces & dust surfaces with wet rag
    check corners and high spots for cobwebs
    bathrooms: clean all sides of toilet, sink, tub and tile, clean mirror & hand mirrors, dust surfaces, mop
    kitchen: counters, stove top, outside of refrigerator, front of cabinets, sink, dust other shelving, mop floor

I am thorough and pride myself on not missing any details. I prefer non-toxic products whenever possible and can make recommendations.